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UnStandard-Hi-resFor UnStandard, NYSQ goes into the studio to create more radical re-configurations of jazz standards, including “Stella by Starlight”, “All the Things You Are” and “How High the Moon” as well as short abstract meditations on the ballad “Polka Dots and Moonbeams”. A beautifully constructed gem of a recording. Release date: 2011

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Preview Tracks

1. How High The Moon
2. Polka Beamlet #1
3. All the Things You Are
4. Polka Beamlet #2
5. Stablemates
6. But Beautiful
7. Lunar
8. Interplay
9. Two Meetings
10. Thy Ballet Girl Stirs (by Starlight)
11. After Thought
12. Summer Night
13. Polka Beamlet #3


“Embedding such complex musicianship within familiar refrains is a brilliant move. Unstandard possesses appeal and surprise for fans of classic and modern jazz. It is steeped in tradition, yet free from constraint.” – Philip Marjorins

“Berkman takes impeccable solos. Gene Jackson is impressively powering the pace. The spotlight shines on Tim Armacost whose forceful soprano and tenor saxophones anchor most pieces.” – All About Jazz

“All four of these outstanding musicians are active on today’s New York jazz scene and they play jazz standards in their own way. By playing well-known compositions, such as “How High The Moon” and “All The Things You Are” the focus is then put on what the quartet will do with the material. This gives the musicians tremendous freedom of interpretation, hence the continuing appeal of material like this, and which is illustrated in an excellent fashion on this recording.” – Proper Music

“This 4-piece will thrill you to the bones with their (somewhat) “twisted” performances of standard tunes…the quartet is absolutely tight and performs flawlessly…Some of the most refreshing jazz of 2011…MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” – RotcodZzaj

“Inventive solos, making familiar tunes sound brand new.” – Scott Yanow

“Attending jam sessions around the city, I’m usually impressed with the quality of improvising but disappointed with the wham-bang aesthetic so often applied to standards. UnStandard is an answer to this dilemma: a collection of standards not only beautifully interpreted but carefully assembled. Here’s hoping that NYSQ’s approach to the jazz canon serves as inspiration for jazz musicians worldwide.” –